Hotel de la Paix Cha-Am Hotel & Resort

Seaside Sisters

Cha Am and Hua Hin share Thailand’s oldest resort area; a ‘Thai Riviera’ where the Bangkok elite have gathered for almost a century.

Cha Am lies 26km north of its better known sister, and 163 km south of Bangkok. Hua Hin may have had the limelight since becoming the favoured retreat for the Thai Royal Family in the 1920s, and latterly host to a renowned jazz festival.

Cha Am, too, has charm. Bordered by dense jungles and steep peaks, this former fishing village remains laid back to the point of horizontal and steadfastly refuses to allow the Starbucks or McDonald’s of this world in. For Thais of a certain age, in particular, this makes Cha Am the ultimate nostalgia trip, set against Thailand’ longest beach.

Hotel de la Paix - Hotel Beach at Evening


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