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Factors to Consider When Buying a Tripod Stand as a Gift

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If you are planning to travel, then you must be bringing your camera along with you. This is because you are going to want to take a lot of photos so that you will be able to remember what you experienced during your trip. If you want the perfect pictures, then you will need to have a tripod stand for your camera. You might also want to buy a tripod stand for a friend or family member as a travel gift. This is because a tripod stand is one of the great gifts for travelers.

The slight blurriness on your photos when you dot use a tripod stand is not because of your camera-rather it’s the of a camera shake. The most reliable way to eliminate shaky shots is by taking photos using a tripod stand. If you are looking to buy a tripod stand, here are things to consider.

Load Capacity

tripod standThis should not be confused with the weight of the tripod stand. The load capacity determines the weight of the camera and lens that the tripod stand can comfortably support. If your camera is heavier than the load capacity, then you will be running the risk of breaking your stand. This can cause damage to your tripod stand and even your camera.

Head Type

Tripod stands come with a head. However, the head may not be suitable for all types of purposes. You need to ensure that the tripod you are buying has a head that is ideal for your camera. The tripod head usually sits atop the column. The head can be raised and lowered to your desired height.


Most tripod feet are usually made of rubber. However, there are some tripod stands that have feet made of spikes. Since you want to buy a tripod stand for traveling with your camera, you should go for a tripod stand with spiked feet. This is because the spikes are designed to hold firmly in the ground.


standThis is the type of fabric that the tripod is made of. Some tripods are made of plastic while others are made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Plastic tripods are the least expensive. In your case, you need to for a light option, like carbon fiber. However, if you don’t mind toting large cameras, then you need a heavy duty tripod stand, like one made of aluminum.

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